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Supercharge Your Sheets with AI Functions: revolutionizes your Google Sheets experience with a powerful suite of AI-driven functions to help you automate tasks and generate insights.

Efficient Copywriting with SHEETAI_BRAIN: SHEETAI_BRAIN simplifies copywriting by storing and retrieving essential information. Quickly craft taglines and content for any app just by referencing its name, while the AI fetches relevant details from your database. Supports data addition via text and URLs.

Generate Multiple Answers with SHEETAI_LIST: Get a variety of AI-generated answers to choose from, providing you with diverse solutions and perspectives.

Populate Data with SHEETAI_FILL: Effortlessly fill in product descriptions, clean up email lists, generate dummy data, and much more with the power of AI.

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Questions & Answers

How much does it Cost to Use SHEETAI?

So there is a free plan with 50 SHEETAI function calls every month and Unlimited plan for $8/month. Now with that you need your OpenAI Key which depending on the model you are using costs. for the best AI model with creative thinking it costs $0.02 for 750 words (input + output).

June 23, 2023

What is SheetAI App?

SheetAI App helps use the power of AI inside google sheets via different SHEETAI functions. And Help come up with formals for your use using AI.

June 23, 2023

Does SHEETAI only work with English?

OpenAI’s GPT models work in 90+ Languages, To check if it will work for your language give it a try and if does not work kindly let us know at [email protected] and we can confirm if language not supported or you faced another error.

June 23, 2023

Who is behind SheetAI App?

This add-on is made by Sanskar Tiwari who founder, developer, content creator and customer support at IndianAppGuy tech Pvt Ltd parent company for SheetAI.

June 23, 2023