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Introducing Photoshot: Your Ultimate AI Avatar Generator

Photoshot is a revolutionary AI avatar generator designed to empower users in creating custom avatars that perfectly reflect their individuality and style. Combining cutting-edge technologies, such as Dreambooth and Stable Diffusion, this innovative tool transforms user-provided prompts into highly detailed and unique avatars.

1. Advanced AI Avatar Generation: Photoshot harnesses the power of advanced AI technology to produce personalized avatars of exceptional quality and realism.

2. Dreambooth and Stable Diffusion Integration: Our platform integrates state-of-the-art Dreambooth and Stable Diffusion technologies, ensuring that the avatars generated are incredibly lifelike and true to the user's input.

3. Studio Option for Enhanced Control: Users have the option to access our custom-trained model and gain greater control over the avatar generation process. This enables them to create higher resolution avatars that truly capture their desired characteristics.

4. Open-Source Initiative: Photoshot is committed to transparency and collaboration within the AI community. As an open-source tool, we encourage contributions from developers and enthusiasts, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of innovation.

5. Multi-Platform Accessibility: You can find Photoshot on popular platforms such as Github and Twitter. This allows users to explore the latest developments, contribute to the project, and stay updated with our continuous improvements.

Unleash your creativity and bring your avatar to life with Photoshot. Whether you're a casual user or an AI enthusiast, our cutting-edge technology will ensure that your avatar is a true representation of your unique identity and style. Join us in revolutionizing avatar generation today!

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Questions & Answers

What kind of photos should I upload to the platform?

We recommend that you upload a variety of photos to ensure that your avatar is as accurate as possible. This may include close-up shots of your face, photos of your profile, and full-body shots. It's important to make sure that your photos are clear and of high quality, and that they do not include any other people or animals. We also recommend that you include a range of expressions, locations, backgrounds, and perspectives in your photos to create the most accurate avatar possible.

July 28, 2023

How similar will the avatar be to my appearance?

The accuracy of your avatar will largely depend on the number and variety of the photos that you provide. The better and more diverse the photos are, the easier it will be for the AI to understand and replicate your facial and bodily characteristics. As a result, your avatar will be more likely to closely resemble your actual appearance!

July 28, 2023

Is it possible to obtain a refund?

It is possible to obtain a refund for purchases made within the first 14 days, as long as you have not yet trained the AI. However, once the 14-day period has passed or if you have already used the service (by clicking on the train button), you will no longer be eligible for a refund.

Please ensure that you upload a sufficient number of high-quality photos to avoid disappointment with the generated avatars

July 28, 2023

What will happen to my photos?

You may delete all of the photos and datasets associated with the studio by deleting the studio from your account. Once the studio credits have been exhausted, the model will be automatically deleted within 24 hours.

To request that your account and all associated data be deleted, please send an email to support@photoshot. Please note that by deleting your account, you will no longer have access to any of the data or content associated with your account.

Please be aware that only the data on Photoshot servers will be deleted. Data that was transmitted to Replicate will not be deleted. You would have to contact them in order to do so, according to their Terms of Service.

July 28, 2023